Our Story:

A word from Scott:

10th grade. Another new school. Another new crew of kids to prove I was tougher than I looked – I was a small one, weighing in under a buck.

Hormones and insomnia had a way of cooking my teenage system into something that set me on the edge. I was skating that exact edge when I ran into this character.

“Guido. That’s what your name is.” He said, walking away, head in the air, high fiving anyone who would look his way.

I went home and gave my parents the new school report.

Told dad some big blond kid came up to me and asked my name. I told him, Scott, he said he would call me Guido.

“Did you catch his name?”

“Yeah, Donnelly or something.”

My Dad laughed, “I knew a Will Donnelly growing up, too.”

We are actually second generation friends. That’s something you just don’t hear about often.

That first conversation set the tone for all of those to come. Donnelly has a way of figuring out how you work in his world and where you fit in. He’s so damn charming that somehow you find yourself going along with the whole ludicrous thing. It’s insane and ingenious at the same time.

Most of us agonize on the how do we fit into the world – how do we act, dress, speak.

Donnelly’s gift is that he doesn’t care. On a very base level he is the same where ever he is. Not double face, no back talk, just him.

What did it for me, was the opposite: books, meditation, isolation, wilderness . . . It was very strange meeting someone who enjoyed the external stage of life as much as I liked being alone with my thoughts, or agonies as we used to call them.

Over time we graduated from high school and went to different universities in different states. We got together each break and picked up where we left off. Endless nights walking the hills of Oneonta. One night a party, the next eating ice cream and talking about life, girls, god, the world, girls and of course, girls.

We each have a restless spirit that thrives experiencing new things and new thoughts. We both went on our individual quests in search of that elusive , why.

My journey took me literally all over the world, from the Liberty Pub in Cork Ireland to the running of the bulls in Korea (yeah they got one there too). Donnelly ended up exploring urban environments: Boston, Dallas and finally New York.

What’s most interesting is that he has managed to combine seemingly disparate elements into a single life span: singing in Carnegie Hall, acting in movies (Taking of Pelham 1 2 3), getting his Personal Training and Nutrition Certification and oddly enough, working in the financial district in New York.

To say he has adopted the world to his vision is an understatement. I can’t wait to see where we go and who we reach.

When I asked him what the goal was in helping people he concluded a long list (which included reforming the entire world) with the following: “Yeah, I want us to have our own Action Figures.”

A Word From Will…

Crockett and Tubbs, Riggs and Murtagh, Kate and Allie, Milli and Vanilli, Paglia and Donnelly…What do all these famous (or infamous) duos have in common? They were all forged during the 1980’s. Yes, Scott and I have known each other for most of our lives.

Beginning with the awkward teen years and straight through until the present day. We’ve been described as part Lewis and Clark and part Abbot and Costello. We are constantly seeking out new frontiers, engaging and sucking the marrow out of life along the way.

It is a huge reason why I am so excited to share this experience with Scott. He has already established himself as a very successful entrepreneur, with one of the busiest acupuncture practices in America. He is a risk taker, fearless, driven, isn’t afraid to fail and most importantly has the capacity to laugh at himself. He has an acute understanding of how to treat, enable, fortify, heal and strengthen the body. This is a passion of mine and I know of no one else I would rather share it with. We will all benefit from Scott’s expertise and I am looking forward to learning and growing right alongside you.

It is the differences and shared experiences, which makes friendships so unique and organic. For instance, as teens, while I was out fishing or watching the ballgame Scott would be immersed with Sun Tzu’s the Art of War or Plato’s, The Republic. The only thing disrupting his deep pensive state, would be the occasional thought regarding my folly.

Today, he’s practicing eastern medicine and acupuncture in the Pacific NW. The writing was on the wall, so to speak. Of course, I still have fun poking at practices that have proven effective over thousands of years, because that’s how we roll. You see, it’s the sum of the anecdotes and peccadillos that frame friendships and allow them to mature into something far more powerful, brotherhood.

A living, breathing thing that continually grows and manifests itself into the fiber of the people who are indelibly tied to its existence. Our paths have been completely disparate, but our journeys have led us to the same place: a yearning for spiritual, emotional and physical health.

This foundation of health, which is critical in helping us to think and act more efficiently and from this foundation, you build the house you want to live in. It is the very nature of our journeys that have equipped us with the perspective necessary to help you achieve balance and the strength required to engage life with renewed vigor and zest.

We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize all the circumstances that have helped to shape our lives and our friendship. Since this isn’t an episode of Oprah, I can’t go into all the specifics at this time, nor jump up and down on her couch extolling the virtues. Suffice to say we’ve been down the rabbit hole and we emerged on the other side virtually unscathed.

Our friendship has always been there to help buoy us through the trials and travails. Stay with us and learn how to persevere and find a seed of equivalent benefit through each and every circumstance whether pleasant or unpleasant. Learn a simple approach to remove the noise and attack life with purpose and passion.

In James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself, he talks about how subtraction, not addition, is what makes the window to the brain more clear, wipes away the smudges and opens the drapes. Subtract: paranoia, resentment, revenge, regret and shame and you will create enormous opportunity for yourself. Having close friends with whom you can boil all this away with and just be who you are, is one of the best ways I know, that you can set your sail to help achieve this goal.

Come with us on this voyage to seek out new frontiers, to meet every situation in life head on and gleam from it a positive and healthy response that will always have you moving forward. We can help you achieve the healthy foundation necessary to allow you to live the way you want to live.

Our Mission:

CouchtoGym.com is a project developed by Scott Paglia and Bill Donnelly. These two grew up together in upstate New York and have maintained their friendship through different schools, states, countries and all the calamities of being and making their way in the world. Paglia is a licensed acupuncturist and author practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Donnelly works in Manhattan, New York, in the financial district, singing, acting in Hollywood movies and on top of all that, works as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

Does the world need another anemic, new age and socially irresponsible web page?

In a word.


What the world needs is transformative information. This is not the kind of information you glean by cruising the self-help books at the mall or viewing a 30 minute infomercial.

We’re talking about clinical and work experience – the real laboratories in life. Not some get fit quick scheme or colorfully packaged promise with no support or guidance.

Folks, we are looking for a way in.

We have seen what works and what doesn’t.

What did help was the few of us who chose to do something completely different. We set out on our own and made the world into something that was not only workable, but quite remarkable as well.

Our guiding lights are a constellation of stars, some of them widely known, others obscure. We will dip deep into both Western and Eastern traditions and thought leaders.

Our gift living in these times is to take the distilled wisdom of the east and blend it with the practical science of the west to help you achieve a better you in a supportive interactive environment.

What we created is a truly unique American philosophy of health and wellness. Couch to Gym is built in language and sentiment that rings true for it’s sincere in its purpose and aim.

If you want something more from life than what you did yesterday, last year or last decade then please come along this journey with us. We welcome anyone who is interested in lighting the world on fire and seizing a life that has meaning and value.

Are you ready? We are.