What do I need to be successful with Couch to Gym?

You will need to have support and encouragement. This can come from your friends, family and colleagues. But don’t worry if you aren’t getting the support you need. We are here to help! With the program you receive complimentary support and encouragement on your journey. Click here to learn more. (this will take them to the support section where this is covered in more detail) As long as you believe in yourself, never give up, and do your best, you will be successful – and…will not be alone.

How long are the workouts, and how many days a week is the program?

The workouts are sequential and very basic.

Meaning, you will do a series of 4-6 exercise moves with however much rest you need between completing the next movement.

You can also take as much time as you need. This isn’t a race, it’s a journey. As you become more adept at performing the movements, you can increase the number of repetitions and sets that you do, to increase duration.

Do I need to be in great shape to benefit from Couch To Gym?

Absolutely not. Anyone can benefit from starting the Couch to Gym Program. This program is designed for people who have been inactive or living a sedentary lifestyle. The moves are very basic and fun to perform.

Do I need to memorize any of the Routines?

There is no need to memorize any of the routines. The videos are always available on the Couch To Gym website.

Additionally, you can take it slow and learn one exercise at a time. This will allow you to gradually incorporate each move in the routine and eventually the whole enchilada.

How is Couch To Gym different from other programs?

We’re not promising instant results like other programs that are out there. What we are promising though is a supportive, encouraging environment where you can express yourself with confidence. The Couch To Gym program is designed to help you live with more emotional enthusiasm and energy.

How will Couch To Gym benefit my mental and physical well being?

Even if you can only do a move for a minute or two please just get started and do the best you can do everyday. Every little bit will help. Over time, you will find your confidence, attitude, and approach to life – changing for the better. It’s important to celebrate the little victories that come along the way. Even if you are having trouble believing in yourself, you can count on couch to gym to help you reach your goals.

Why is Couch To Gym different?

Our goal is to weed out negative habits and thought processes that can serve to limit your pursuit of a happy and healthy lifestyle. We do this by empowering you to understand and start with your WHY – your ultimate reason for getting healthy. We believe this is the first and most important step in your health and fitness journey – and it’s one that’s often overlooked by most fitness programs.