Uplift. Don’t Undermine.

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It takes courage to lift others up.

Traditional marketing mindsets condition us to believe the most powerful sales techniques discover pain and offer solutions to bandage that pain.
If the pain is eliminated, how will businesses survive?

There’s fear that they won’t survive, so pain is exploited and supporters diminished in an effort to gain ongoing engagement/revenue.

You’re fat. The opposite sex doesn’t like you. Take this and everyone will like you, but they’ll only like you if you have this. You’re depressed. You’re sad. You’re imperfect in some way. You’re imperfect in every way. Your waist isn’t in proportion. All the cool kids do THIS. You don’t do THIS. Buy THIS so you can do THAT.

Now… keep buying and buying and buying and…

This technique increases as our disposable society grows. We’re all consumers, and we’re all getting a little dense from overstimulation. As business professionals, we like to think we’re ahead of the game. We help build the structure, so we understand it better.

But… we build it AND we buy into it. That’s slightly split personality of us.

It’s time to stop supporting such things.

It’s time to stop buying unhealthy things marketed to us in unhealthy ways.

It’s time to stop contributing our creativity to destructive campaigns.

It’s time to withdraw our support of such practices.

In an effort to heal our planet, our country, our communities, and ourselves, we, as business professionals, must take steps away from traditional fear-based supporter attraction and exploitation.